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Our dedication, aim for perfection and always thriving for everyone to have an amazing time really paid off with this dope party.

We took it up a notch the moment we were given the opportunity to create a Homiés Party at one of the most sophisticated clubs in Marbella, La Suite, and turned it into what looked like an underground New York hip-hop club!

We brought the house down with beats from resident DJ of Ramses Madrid, DJ Boramy, dancers with sick dancehall and hip-hop routines from Thevents Company and amazing live performances from artists Tmar and RJay rapping top music hits right now such as Migos feat Lil Uzi Vert - Bad and Boujee.

We are excited to see where this will take us and what future projects might come from this, and if you’re ever in Marbella and there is a Homiés Party be sure that’s where it's definitely going down and where you’re supposed to be!


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