We're officially accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. 

Please carefully read the Bitcoin Payments Policy before shopping for a smooth transaction process. 

How to pay for my order with Bitcoin?

To pay for your order with Bitcoin, complete the information and shipping steps of the checkout as usual. Next, select the 'BTCPay Server' payment method and click the 'Pay now' button. On the review and pay screen click the 'Pay with BTCPAY button', then scan or copy the transaction link to proceed with the purchase. You have 100 minutes to complete the payment. As soon as we receive the right amount of BTC we will proceed with the shipment of the order. We visualized the above steps in the section 'SHOP WITH BITCOIN STEP BY STEP'. 

How much time do I have to complete the transaction?

You have 100 minutes to complete the transaction from the moment you click the 'Pay now' button on the payment step of the checkout. 

What Homiés Marbella products can be purchased with Bitcoin?

At the moment, you can shop all Homiés Marbella products with Bitcoin.

What Bitcoin amount should I transfer in order to complete the order?

We’ll tell you both the Bitcoin value of the transaction and the EUR equivalent price. For example, if you need to transfer a payment amount of $200 (0.004253 BTC), you’ll need to enter 0.004253 BTC.

What cryptocurrency do we accept?

Currently, Homies Marbella accepts only Bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin fork products e.g. Bitcoin Cash BCH or Bitcoin SV accepted?

No, our wallet will not receive or detect any digital assets other than Bitcoin, so if you send us any other asset, it might result in the asset's loss. Please make sure you only send us Bitcoin, we're not responsible for the loss of any other digital asset.

How are the Bitcoin payments processed?

Bitcoin payments at Homies Marbella are processed by BTCPay Server - a secure and private cryptocurrency payment processor.

How to return items from the Bitcoin purchase?

The Bitcoin order returns are handled on terms of our general Returns policy. The Bitcoins are returned to the customer's account. 

I have an issue with the transaction. What should I do?

If you have any concerns regarding Bitcoin payments, please contact our support. If you have already placed an order and experience an issue with the payment, we advise you to contact us immediately by phone or WhatsApp at +34 637 88 59 16.

What to know before making a Bitcoin payment?

At Homies Marbella we have no control over the Bitcoin network and your Bitcoin wallet. Every Bitcoin owner should be aware that the Bitcoin network protocols are open source, which means their service operations can be changed any time with an effect on the cryptocurrency value (like in the event of a fork). We're not responsible for Bitcoin loss caused by any of those factors.


Please follow the steps below for a successful Bitcoin purchase at Homiés Marbella. 


If you have any uncertainty regarding shopping at Homiés Marbella online store, don't hestitate to contact our support using the details below.

Phone & WhatsApp: +34 637 88 59 16

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